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About us

Villveggen was born and designed in 2015, Barcelona, from the restless mind of Jordi and Isabel. The main idea behind the project is showing people the amazing inperceptible to the human eye details behind insects. Every shape, color, flake, and hair compose an image worth to admire.
For that reason we wanted to transport all this nature splendor in a few modern and original slices.

The selection of each photographed animal and plant were chosen taking into account the rarity and the spectacular nature of its shapes and colours. Each insect has been categorizad by an expert in order to be loyal to the reality and give to the buyer to proper information.

“Since i was a child I grew up surrounded by insects, worms, beetles and butterflies… my father feel a great passion for them, for this reason this world has been always part of my life. The photographed insects are found in the collection of the Catalan society of lepidoptorology, which has more than 35,000 specimens collected over the years. So that is why, after so many years sharing this hobby with my father, it was the right moment to renew the family tradition giving a fresh twist to my father dedication and showing the world the beauty of the small nature details.”  Isabel C.